We love flowers, it is our passion. Striving to always supply not only the very beautiful, but also the unusual. Our talented floral designers can create a bouquet, an arrangement, a masterpiece to suit absolutely any occasion. We are fussy about our flowers, sourcing only quality products. We pay particular attention and care when preparing flowers for you, to ensure freshness and longevity.

You don’t need to be an expert on flowers to send flowers, we are nearly mind readers and can easily help you get right gift to your loved one! If you have a specific flower preference or dislike please let us know and don’t worry if you are not familiar with the names of the thousands of flowers available, we can often work out when you are thinking of with a bit of description ie small smelly white one 🙂

We will ask you questions like what colours to person receiving the flowers likes; ie pinks and purples, yellows and reds, what type of person are they or things they like ie modern, vintage, simplistic, vibrant.

These are a few great tips when ordering flowers:

  • Describe the recipient’s personality type, as well as his/her favourite hobbies or colours if you know them. We can match the floral arrangement with the recipient’s personality.

  • Tell your florist if the gift is for a special occasion (birthday, anniversary or other personal milestone). We can offer suggestions on how to best celebrate with flowers. Different events have different traditions associated with them.

  • If the flowers are for decorating or entertaining, describe the environment where the arrangement will be placed so we can create an arrangement that complements the style and colours of your home.

  • Consider bringing in your own vase or container for an added personal touch or buying a vase to suit the arrangement, we have lots available to choose from.

  • If you would like us to deliver the flowers we will need some info – the name, full address and phone number of the recipient, your card message and payment information.